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Weather Station PCE-FWS 20


Weather Station PCE-FWS 20

Weather Station PCE-FWS 20 Weather Station is a multifunction device which will cover all your needs both in the private and in the professional sector.

FWS 20 Weather Station allows to detect with a high accuracy wind direction, wind speed, temperature, relative humidity and rainfall.
Apart from these performances, will be able to activate different alarm functions ( air speed, atmospheric pressure, etc ) .
Meteorological data is sent by means of a radio to the main unit when the distance does not exceed 100 meters.



Untuk pemesanan, silahkan klik tombol di bawah ini:

WA: 081210895144 Telp: 081210895144


Weather Station PCE-FWS 20

The delivery includes all the elements you will need to set up the weather station

Functions of the Weather Station :
– Indoor temperature in C or F
– Outdoor temperature in C or F
– Indoor R.H
– Outdoor R.H
– Atmospheric pressure is shown in inHG or hPa
– Relative / Absolute humidity selection
– Rainfall is shown in mm or inch- Rainfall indication for 1 hour, 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month or from the last reset.
– Selection of wind speed in mph, km/ h, m/ s, knots or Beaufort
– Indication of wind direction
– Wind Chill temp. indicator
– Dew point indication
– Weather forecast
– Weather forecast trend
– Storm warning
– Indication of meteorological values.
– Programmable alarm functions for different meteorological values.
– It can store maximum and minimum values
– LED with backlight display
– Radio clock- Indication in 12 or 24 hours- Calendar
– Set up of Time slot
– Energy saving function
– It can be placed on the wall or vertically
– Permanent adjustment of meteorological values and clock by means of a radio.


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