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Trimble S8


Download Brochure – Trimble S8 – English (140 KB)

  • Video-assisted robotic measurement utilizing Trimble VISION™ technology
  • Visual verification with data overlay and photo documentation
  • Trimble DR Plus™ for longer range and fewer setups
  • Detect targets without interference from surrounding prisms with Trimble FineLock™ technology
  • Trimble SurePoint™ accuracy assurance automatically corrects instrument pointing
  • Specialized configuration options available

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The Most Advanced Total Station Platform The most demanding jobs require the most advanced total station in the industry. Whether you need solutions to drive productivity for day to day survey tasks or precision solutions for demanding engineering projects, the Trimble S8 is the most advanced total station solution available today. You can do more and do it better with the most innovative and advanced total station available today.


The new Trimble S8 Total Station provides a broad base of standard inclusions and configuration options for unmatched flexibility.

Trimble VISION Video-Assisted Control

With Trimble VISION™, see everything the instrument sees without a trip back to the instrument

  • Select targets with just a tap of the controller screen
  • Measurements are drawn to the video image, so you can be certain to never mess a shot you need

Video-Assisted Documentation

Leave the site with more than just coordinates. With the Trimble S8, live images are captured with point-and-click efficiency.

  • Document important visual information like site conditions and details
  • Easily recall what was at the scene

Trimble FineLock Technology

Detect target without interference from surrounding prisms for precision-build applications


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