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Trimble R6


Download Brochure- Trimble R6 GNSS – English


  • 220-channel system with Trimble R-Track satellite tracking technology
  • Industry-leading GNSS positioning with GPS L2C, L5, and QZSS
  • Fully upgradable so you can choose the level of GNSS support that suits your needs today and upgrade as your requirements evolve
  • Choose the type of communications to best fit your needs

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    The TrimbleĀ® R6 GNSS system combines advanced GNSS technology with the scalability and freedom to adapt and grow as your business needs change.

    Integrated System Design

    • Combines highly integrated and advanced GNSS receiver, precision antenna, and long battery life
    • Integrated communications allows you to choose the type of communication that best fits your crew
    • An integrated cellular modern streamlines operation inside VRS networks while integrated UHF RX or RX/TX streamlines RTK base/ rover applications

    GNSS Technology

    • Powered with a Trimble Maxwell 6 chip with 220 channels with RTK performance
    • Includes GPS L2C, L5, QZSS,
    • GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou (COMPASS) are upgrade options

    Advanced Trimble R-Track Technology

    • Integrated in to the Trimble R6, Trimble R-Track technology delivers:
    • Reliable, precise positioning performance
    • Signal Prediction compensates for intermittent or marginal RTK correction signals
    • CMRx communications protocol provides correction compression for optimized bandwidth and full utilization of all the satellites in view


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