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SEBA Hydrometrie F1 With 100 Meter Cable Universal Current Meter



  • Extremely robust current meter for all flow velocities
  • Made of high quality non corrosive steel
  • Nearly wattless and frictionless contact making
  • Modular system
  • Operation possible on rod or as suspended current meter at SEBA-cable way installation, measurement trailer, measurement car or with mobile bridge jib

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For mobile velocity measurements, especially suitable for: waters with problems of fouling by weed or dirt, sewage channels, waters with extremely low or high current velocity

The SEBA – Universal Current Meter F1 serves for determination of current velocities in water courses, canals, rivers and the sea, for use with rods or as cable-suspended meter equipment from 0, 025 m/ s up to 10. The SEBA-Universal Current Meter F1 serves for use on rods as well as for cable-suspended- current meter equipments for use with SEBA single drum winches or cable way installations.The streamlined meterbody and the axle are manufactured of high-quality, non-corrosive steel. The hub of the propeller is filled with oil and rotating in two special ball-bearings. The oil filling and a capillary seal protects against water entry. A base stop prevents the propeller from striking the ground. One signal is generated from each revolution of the propeller by means of a permanent magnet. Frictionless operation increases the sensitivity of the instrument. The contact mechanism is quickly interchangeable without problems. Instrument case Robust version made of aluminium, lockable, with three cover hinges, cover- and base plate made of resistent black ABS plastic. Dimensions: standard with compartment for counter 465 x 340 x 140 mm. Weight: case including equipment approx. 6 kg.

SEBA Universal F1 Standard packaged Included:

  • For use on rod or with sinker weight Meterbody made of non corrosive steel, with completely Watertight contact mechanism, Incl. Ground stop for propeller Ø 125 mm Incl. standard accessories ( oil, tools and spare-parts) ( without instrument case) .
  • Plastic propeller 125 mm Ø , 300 mm pitch Velocity range : 0, 025 m/ s … 10, 0 m/ s.
  • Plastic propeller 80 mm Ø , 300 mm pitch Velocity range : 0, 025 m/ s … 10, 0 m/ s
  • Ground stop for propeller Ø 80 mm
  • Rod 20 mm Ø , 3 m long, 3 sections Made of non-corrosive steel, dm-graduation point and base plate without canvas bag
  • Relocating Device For rod 20 mm Ø , 2m long, 2 sections made of aluminium
  • Canvas Bag With carrying case strap for storage and transport of rods and relocating device
  • Connection-cable, 2-cores, 4 m long, with plugs
  • Calibration ( standard) on rod 20 mm Ø , per propeller
  • Velocity-table for standard calibration, per propeller
  • Instrument – Case For storage and transport of before mentioned parts
  • Velocity-table standard, per propeller
  • SEBA Signal Counter Z-6 5-digit LCD-display, buzzer Preselectable counting periods in 10 sec. steps and with automatic switch – off Accuracy : time measurement 0.01 s, impulse counting 1 impulse maximum impulse frequency 40 impulses / s incl. CD-ROM and RS-232 interface cable.


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