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Meteran Yamayo Steel 50m


Yamayo Super Stilon 50m Tape Measure

The Yamayo Super Stilon Tape Measure is the peak result of over 100 years of Japanese innovation and development in tape Measure technology from Yamayo. The result is Yamayo’s top of the range tape measure – the Super Stilon.

The Yamayo Super Stilon is a double nylon coated steel tape measure of the highest quality. The tapes construction results in the worlds most durable tape measure – as tested by Yamayo.

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Tape Length: 50m
Tape Width: 10mm
Tape Blade Tension Strength: 50 Newtons
Super Stilon DETAIL
All Super Stilon tapes incorporate a 6 gear winding mechanism that allows the tape to be wound in up to 3 times faster than other Yamayo tape measures.
Super Stilon DETAIL
The Yamayo Super Stilon’s reel case is made from heavy duty metal, while the handle incorporates a comfortable rubber grip.
Super Stilon DETAIL
When it is time to change out the tapes blade, this can be done easily as the nifty diagram below demonstrates.
Super Stilon DETAIL


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