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Leica Lino P5 Point Laser



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Leica Lino P5 Point Laser

5 point Laser for advanced layout tasks

Leica Lino P5

Leica Lino P5 on-site
It is not necessary to tediously align the device to obtain horizontal or vertical lines. Minor angular misalignments of ± 4° are compensated automatically. If the angular misalignment is greater, the device does not project any lines. Errors are prevented!

Setting out right angles
Leica Lino P5 on-site
The Leica Lino P5 has five laser beams that are exactly at right angles to one another. This simplifies setting-out tasks and makes your interior finishing tasks more precise and efficient.

Leica Lino P5 on-site
Aligning of windows, partition walls and other building elements get done quick and easy. In addition to the plumb beams the Leica Lino P5 projects three horizontal points at exactly the same height.

Transferring measured points
Leica Lino P5 on-site
Turn the rotatable adapter to transfer reference points in no time at all across the room from one wall to another.  Leave your spirit level and string line in your toolbox!

Expanded range of applications
The adapter supplied with the Leica Lino P5 positions the instrument quickly and with absolute precision. You can set up the adapter over edges and profiles, attach it to circular columns or fix it to steel or iron pipes with the integrated magnets.


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