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Leica Lino L360 Line Laser



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Leica Lino L360 Line Laser

360° line laser – all around visibility!

Leica Lino L360

360° horizontal line
Leica Lino L360 on-site
No need to turn the device in order to transfer reference points from one side to the other. Save valuable relocation time with the 360° horizontal line that covers entire interior finishing areas.

Pendulum based self-levelling
Leica Lino L360 on-site
Set- up the tool quickly thanks to a well-dampened pendulum to projecting horizontal and vertical lines. Minor angular misalignments of 3.5°± 0.5° are compensated automatically. If the tilt is outside these limits, the laser lines will flash to prevent errors.

Versatile mini tripod adapter
Leica Lino L360 on-site
It is much more than a small tripod. With the integrated magnets it can be fixed to steel or iron pipes and used as a wall bracket. To fix it on a nonmagnetic surface, simply take a nail and hang it up.

Rechargeable Battery pack
Leica Lino L360 on-site
No need to buy stocks of batteries. The in-built rechargeable battery pack extends the operating time to over 20 hours.


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