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Leica Jogger 32



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Distributor Leica Indonesia - Leica Jogger Series

Leica Jogger Automatic, Optical Levels

Easy to use optical level for quick measurements

Leica Jogger automatic, optical levels

High efficiency and easy handling
Increase your efficiency at a structural work sites when checking layouts or estimating heights. With the Leica Jogger levels, these jobs are done quickly. The automatic levels are easy to use. No specific instructions or trainings are necessary. Target precisely with the smooth, double-sided end-less fine drive and simply read-out the results.

Reliable at dusty construction sites
Get reliable measuring results even at unfavourable environmental conditions. The automatic, air-damped compensator of the Leica Jogger levels ensure accurate results at any time. The optical levels are splash water and dust protected so that you can continue your work also at dusty construction sites.

The right levelĀ  for every application
Depending on the application and the required level of accuracy, the Leica Jogger series has the right level for your day-to-day tasks. Choose between four different levels of magnification!


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