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HiTarget HD-370



First introduced the most advanced inverter technology, reduced due to the transducer the beep and surface noise, and enhance the strength of the echo, which significantly to enhance the deep sounding performance of the measuring instrument. In addition, frequency conversion technology to make the HD-370 can be configured in different frequency transducer, suitable for the needs of different oceanographic engineering. HD-370 sounder designed based on the transmission characteristics of the sonar in the water perfect TVG curve to optimize the performance of the sounding, and effectively solve the problem of sounding shallow water. HD-370 uses the latest portable design, configuration, high brightness and high definition LCD screen, high-capacity memory, wild sounding job easier.


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Model HD-370
Working Frequency 200 KHZ
Bathymetric Range/Accuracy 0.3m-600m
±10mm+0.1%h, definition: 1cm
Dimension 440mm x 341mm x 164mm
Data Collection Rate 30 times/second
Ports Two RS-232 ports, three USB ports, one DC power port, two TX ports (for transducer)


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