Rotating Laser Pentax PLP-115


Fitur Rotating Laser Pentax PLP-115

Clear function programm with simple application.
Heavy-walled, massive aluminium casing protects the laser by toughest use at construction.
High qualtiy standard used by NESTLE in converting.
Power-supply on front display of the laser for most comfortable using and environtment protection by saving batteries.
The assembled laser diode has a well visible laser beam, which increases the visibility for indoor working.
The human eye can better realise the green laser beam as the red one, especially indoor.
Total range of 600 m.
Automatic horizontal and vertical roatating laser: Install, turn on and start working.
Complete package with laser receiver and remote control.
Three modes: roatation (four speeds), scanning mode (for locating working ranges), point mode, with plump beam up and down.
The laser level can be inclined in two axes manually.

rotating laser pentax

Scope of delivery:

  • Laser level with case and tecnical manual
  • Laser receiver with holder
  • Remote control

Spesifikasi Rotating Laser Pentax PLP-115

  • 2 kinds of laser color:  Red (PLP-115) / Green (PLP-115G)
  • 600m working area
  • ±15″ Horizontal and vertical accuracy while in a Vertical place
  • ±20″ Vertical accuracy while in Horizontal place
  • Class 3R Laser class (Red bottom laser)
  • PLP-100 635nm (red) / PLP-100G 515nm (green) visible Diode
  • 300, 600rpm Rotation speed
  • Beam scanning with width of 0°45°90°120°180°
  • Slope 8% (Manually operated) slope setting
  • 2 axes with DC motor system self-leveling laser
  • 5°±1° self-leveling range
  • 20 hours (Alkaline) battery life
  • Applications: Leveling, Horizontal Leveling, Vertical Leveling, ceiling Installation, machine control, squaring, vertical base lining, kick line installations, tile installations, windows installation