Total Station Pentax R 1505N

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Jual Total Station Pentax R 1505N

dapatkan penawaran harga terbaik dari kami karena pentax merupakan tools yang sangat memiliki kualitas akurasi yang sangat tinggi untuk kebutuhan survey anda.

Long EDM range measuring distance in reflectorless up to 500m and in prism mode up to 3,000m

  • Large internal memory : 60000 points.
  • Dual display as a standard equipment
  • Easy transfer to a PC via SD card, USB mini and RS-232C data port

Pre-loaded versatile software functions

Dual battery system for long time use

Jual Total Station Pentax R 1505N

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1.Long EDM range measuring distance in reflectorless up to 500m and in prism mode up to 3,000m
2.Large internal memory: 60000 points.
3.Dual display as a standard equipment
4.Easy transfer to a PC via SD card, USB mini and RS-232C data port
5.Pre-loaded versatile software functions
6.Dual battery system for long time use


Model R-1505N
Image Erect
Magnification 30 x
Effective Aperture 45mm
Resolving Power 4.0”
Field of View 1°20’
Minimum Focus 1.0m
Focus Manual
Laser Class Visible Laser: Class IIIa (Reflectorless, sheet) / Class I (Prism)
Measurement Range (Good condition)
Reflectorless 1.5 ~500m
Reflector Sheet 1.5 ~800m
Mini Prism 1.5 ~800m
1P 1.5 ~3000m
3P 1.5 ~59999m
Prism ±(2+2ppm x D)mm
Reflector Sheet ±(3+2ppm x D)mm
Reflectorless 2.0m ~150m: ±(3+2ppm x D)mm
150m ~300m: ±(5+2ppm x D)mm
300m ~500m: ±(10+2ppm x D)mm
Minimum Count 0.1mm (Fine mode), 1mm (Normal mode), 10mm (Track mode)
Measurement Time
Repeat Meas. Fine (0.1mm) Prism / Ref.sheet 3.0sec., Ref.less 3.0sec. (over 300m 5.0sec.)
Normal (1mm) Prism / Ref.sheet 2.0sec., Ref.less 2.0sec. (over 300m 4.0sec.)
Track (10mm) Prism / Ref.sheet 0.4sec., Ref.less 0.4sec. (over 300m 0.4sec.)
Initial Meas. Fine (0.1mm) 1.5 ~300m 3.5sec., over 300m ~13sec.
Normal (1mm) 1.5 ~300m 2.4sec., over 300m ~12sec.
Track (10mm) 1.5 ~300m 2.5sec., over 300m ~12sec.
Angle Measurement
Measuring Method Absolute rotary encoder
Detection Method Vertical / Horizontal angle
2 sides
Minimum Count 1” / 5”
Accuracy (ISO17123-3) 5”
Compensator 2 axis
Tangent Screw 1 Seed/Clamping (<30”)
Sensitivity of Vials
Plate Level 30”/1div. (electrical)
Circular Level 30”/2mm
Plummet Visible Laser, ±0.5mm (instrument height 1.5m)
Base Detachable
Dust and Water Protection IP55 (instrument only)
Ambient Temperature .-20oC to +50oC
Tripod Thread 5/8”x 11
Dimensions 183 (W) x 342(H) x 167(L)mm
Weight (incl. Battery) 5.4 kg
Carrying Case 440(W) x 370 (H) x 275 (L)mm /3.9 kg
Battery Pack
Power Source Li-ion2,500mAh X 2 = 5,000mAh (hotswap)
Operation Time Continuous approx. 9.0 hrs (ETH+EDM) with approx. 2.5hrs. of charging time
Weight 5400g
Battery Charger and AC Adapter
Input Voltage (AC05) AC 100 ~240V
Output Voltage (BC05) DC8.4V
Data Process
Data Recording Method Internal Memory
Coordinates Data 60000
Special Function PowerTopoExpress 2
I/F RS-232C, SD CARD, USB mini, Bluetooth (class2)
Display / Keyboard
Display Type Graphic LCD / 20 characters x 8 lines / 240 x 96 pixels
Quantity 2
Keys 22 each (12 numeric / 5 function / 5 special)
Display Back Light Intensity settings: 10 steps
Laser Pointer  Yes
Date Clock  Yes